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@CologneMike wrote:

Tuborg, you are right, I see the Arthur’s Quay Shopping Centre now. 😮

Hmmm the museum catalogued it as early 1975 / late 1990.

Yeah they often get their dates mixed up, but its to be expected I suppose, given the volume of material in the online catalogue.

Photographs of the market and surrounding area are hard enough to come by, but I found this one, dated between 1968-1972.

Photograph, b/w print. In the Streets, Limerick; by Ursula Hutt, 1968-72. In perspex frame. View looking up High Street, from pavement of Mungret St., opposite Milk Market. Feathery Burke’s shop on corner on right side of High St., on left name only partly visible, .. urley/ Victualler. Cars parked down High Street and that part of Cornmarket Row which is visible. Street and pavements wet with rain.”

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