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@gunter wrote:

The fragments of 18th / 19th century streetscape that remain in the vicinity of the Milk Market retain a lot of character.

‘The Round House’ corner is a particular gem.

. . . but most of the ’80s and 90s stuff is truely hopeless

Redevelopment has by and large proved to be a dismal failure alright! Its such a pity because the area around the market, watergate, even stretching down to the art college, has enormous potential as a cultural/entertainment quarter.

At the moment, its just a haphazard mess of extraordinarily dull office & apartment buildings, industrial warehousing etc. But with a bit of vision and possibly an urban design competition, the area could be transformed! Unfortunately though, you wont find much vision in Limerick City Council.:(

I suppose one can only hope that the opera centre might prove to be a catalyst for the rejuvenation of the wider area, provided it gets off the ground of course!

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