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Was in Limerick last w/end and went to market about 10am – place already packed and everybody,simply everybody in the place, very appreciative – I was actually surprised at how bright and spacious the space appears – I recall the enclosure seeming much more dark and poky in the old uncovered days.
Very neat bit of work – once the marvellously high canopy with its inclined support is noted the rest is masterly understatement – a credit to all concerned in the realisation.
Bought favorite goodies and left at 11am really having to push my way out with the crowds still coming in – never saw such attendance before!
Mind you, good stalls left on the outer streets including books and clothes, but the move in by many seems to have allowed these to be more neatly consolidated along the immediate approaches creating a great overall ambiance and real sense of occasion to the market visit.
Mind you – Saturday was one fine bright morning!
Next time I’m down – it will undoubtably be raining – so a return will tell the tale on sustainable brightness and the anticipated side dripping!

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