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Limerick Milk Market Goes Under Cover (Vals Kitchen)

Today was the last day that the traders at the Milk Market in Limerick will be selling on the open streets outside since the market began its big refurb last year. It’s been a controversial move, putting a roof on it, a good looking one at that. The old cobbles are gone, as is the open air. It’s easy to grumble about this when I’m not a market trader and don’t have to stand there from dawn after probably not having had any sleep and travelling miles to sell my goods. Next Saturday, June 19th will be the first day of trading under the roof and the market will have new opening hours too. No doubt the day will attract all manner of murmuring and hopefully lots of the loyal customers and great traders that make the Milk Market the thriving hot spot it is.

To mark the change I went walkabout to snap a few producers, traders and head-the-balls.

I stumbled onto this via Bock’s blog. Nice photos Val, Bock! 😎

Here is a peep from under the covered market. Opening for trading is next Saturday, June 19th.

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