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It will be interesting to see how the future market will shape out.

It seems the trend for whole, organic and delicatessen food produce will be characteristic under the planned tensile roof.

What will happen to the “old traditional stalls” of local produce like cabbages, turnips, carrots, parsnips?

Looking at some of the images below its amazing to see how much stall space is lost to vans, cars, trailers on market day.

It also seems a lot of the shop units in the walls of the market remained closed inside and only open to the street outside.

Will this change?

It is interesting that the market can be broken into three sections.

  • The Limerick City Council regulates the street stalls on Cornmarket Row, Robert Street, Carr Street and in front of the Watergate Flats.
  • A number of the units in the Market walls are privately owned.
  • The Limerick Market Trustees regulates the market stalls within the walls and I presume own some of the units as well.

Will they all pull together?

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