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Hi guys, first post here.

I’m a regular reader of the board and have to say I’m pretty suprised at some the responses here. Orbital (public) transport is an important element of any city and whether or not it has existed in Dublin in the past is neither here not there. It is a common sight in other cities.

The route passes through green fields, but aren’t we always saying that infrastrucutre should be in place before development? This project will help with regeneration and increased density in west dublin, surely this is a viable alternative to more sprawl, while providing a public transport alternative to further M50 congestion.

Also why do people assume that this is some pie in the sky idea? The DTO have done the numbers on journey demand in the city and proposed an orbital metro in A Platform for Change back in 2001.

Criticism of the route is a little premature because as the RPA have shown with the swords metro, they are quite open minded about mixing and matching routes.

While serving new areas, the line will also integrate with the radial luas, suburban and metro lines going into the city center. So with 1 change more people will have city center rail access. Not to mention any current/future QBC’s that cross the line.

To me it just seems to make a lot of sense.

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