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Alsono re-read my post, I’m aware that metro west does not cross inside the m50, I am suggesting that it should. The stretch from Abbotstown to the Airport serves nothing & will facilitate mass sprawl outside the M50 with acres of land remaining undeveloped just inside.

Selected alignment outlined below together with what are in my view some of the problems with it.

The plans include a short extension to the red line to link up with the Metro stop in Tallaght, you can see the dotted red line on the map posted, (there is a press release with that map on the RPA website that explains a lot of this)

And mass sprawl along a high capacity transport corrisdor is a bad thing?

Population of Dublin is predicted to continue to rise rapidly in the future and these people have to live somewhere, it would seem logical to develop this area south of the airport at some stage. Hopefully with a precednet of proper planning now in place a number mini-Adamstowns could be developed along this stretch.

The biggest plus of running this line through currently undeveloped land is the cost factor, it should be pretty cheap to build those sections of the line before any development takes place. If this kind of forsesight had been shown 20 years ago we wouldn’t have many of the issues we have now.

With regard to Liffey Valley I’d be pretty sure the S.C. and retail park will be putting a feeder bus in as it’s in there interests more than anyone to get people in to the shops. The alternative of undergrounding into the S.C. is not something I could see justified in spending public money on, if the S.C. want to pay for it themselves fair enough.

The biggest benfit oof all for this particular line though will be the urban regeneration of Clondalkin, Fonthill Road and Neilstown. Of all the possible Metro and Luas options, this seems to me to be more viable than any plan not included in Transport 21. Plus as mentioned previously the connection with all the rail lines coming into Dublin will generate lots of traffic with both commuters and links to the airports.

From a glance around the web there seems to be a lot folk intent to moan about this having come to a pre-determeined conclusion that it won’t work, thus missing some facts (like the Tallaght red line extension) and all the other knock on benfits that any decent public transport system will bring.

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