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sorry peter when you wrote “has to” i read it as trains on the current alignment having to cross the motorway , not that the alignment should cross it –

Just on some of your issues:

Distance to Tallaght LUAS: what’s the actual distance? Is it any further than you have to travel even within some rail stations to another platform. It seems to be less than 400 metres, which isn’t that far in the grander scheme of things. people walk further from their cars in Liffey Valley to the shops!!!> 🙂 And the whole area is being rebuilt anyway, the hospital has a LUAS stop and everything can’t be served by every mode. For a rail mode such as this, walking distance is regarded as 800 to 1000metres. Do any of these things fall outside that distance (is it much further, for example, than Dun Laoghaire DART to George’s St. surely you wouldn’t argue DL town is unserved – hopefully Tallaght will end up with a proper urban structure to lessen the impact of walking distances as it redevelops.) In any case as a pair of termini where interchange between them occurs only a smidgeon upstream, how much movement is expected between these 2 stops?

Totally agree on Liffey Valley – given the imminent redevelopment I don’t know why Neilstown Road wasn’t chosen bringing it into the heart of the centre. This seems to be over 1 km from the entrance, which is way too far for shoppers. It leaves Liffey Valley pretty much unserved by rail, unlike the square. I can’t see this stop acting as a force for development.

Northern Section – I completely understand what you’re saying. However, all policy at all levels precludes low density development along rail lines. And it is not happening now, so I don’t see why it will happen in the future.Metropark is planned to be extremely high density, as is Charlestown in N Finglas. The only sprawling/extensive development planned here are Abbotstown Sports Campus and Bohs new ground (IKEA too i guess). And as it will most likely intersect an extended N2 QBC at the Huntstown P+R, this is ideal for a high density development. Also remember that it’s likely Luas Line BX will eventually be extended to Finglas and meet Metro West

Development just south of the M50 going on now is high density residential and office mostly. Therefore there’s no reason to believe that jumping the M50 to an area directly serviced by rail will urge developers or local authorities to revert to old fashioned sprawl. What I believe will in fact happen is that the pre-existing sprawl of the Ballycoolin Industrial estates and logistics parks will do a “Sandyford” as Metro comes in.

The nature of the development I predict along this section will be the antithesis to what’s happening in Drogheda Navan, Ratoath, Cavan, etc etc and help to suck the commuter belt in a bit towards the city, if it’s not too late (which we all know it probably is)

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