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There’s 2 very different things going on here, related firstly to urban growth and secondly to governemnt decisions on transport.

In the first instance, what you’re saying re rezonings is absolutely true (in fact most is already zoned), and yes only a proportion of trips will be catered for by Metro. However, at present, development is being scattered around the region in places where there is no chance that any trips can be catered for by public transport. Therefore we should be promoting development along future transport corridors, such as Metro West. Also it will finally link the western new towns by proper public transport, to each other, as well as the Airport

Your second paragraph is also spot on. the DTO strategy proposed serving these places with LUAS and Metro. Places such as Templeogue. Kimmage, Finglas, Kilbarrack have all lost out in Transport 21, as has the current Dundrum line, which was supposed to be upgraded to Metro. T21 took the easiest elements of A PLatform for Change, and re-presented them as a new strategy. These, as you rightly say, ignore current demand. Martin Cullen needed a good news story, so they concocted T21, simple as that. However, the DTO Strategy is still the guiding document, and it’s still likely to be updated in the future.

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