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27 November 2006 17:58
The Labour Party has committed to doubling the Dublin Bus fleet and tackling congestion in the capital city if it is in Government after the next General Election.

The party’s latest policy document, ‘Getting Dublin Moving’ has been launched on the first day of the annual Operation Freeflow in the capital.

The party says the Government’s Transport 21 programme needs to be rescheduled to prioritise a rail inter-connector to increase rail commuter capacity.

It is also proposing the curtailment of city centre delivery times and greater policing and parking enforcement on the capital’s main arteries.

The party claims average peak time bus speeds in Dublin are now as low as 8mph, with even Quality Bus Corridors recording average speeds as low as 6mph.

Spokesperson for Transport, Roisin Shortall says an increase in Dublin buses and a €1 per trip fare will help encourage people use public transport.

With business groups estimating the cost of the city’s gridlock in excess of €2 billion, Labour says the issue needs to be addressed urgently.

Fianna Fáil has criticised Labour’s latest proposals.

The party’s Dublin MEP, Eoin Ryan has accused Labour and Fine Gael of being at loggerheads with regards to their Transport policies. .

It will be interesting to see if a coherent policy can be reached between both Parties; I would support a doublin of the number of busses if those buses were used to serve the rail network i.e. feeder buses in the suburbs linking to rail and Luas lines. The continentals have this down to an artform and it is hoped that Joe Meaghars rail expertese can be drawn upon in his new position as Dublin Bus supremo

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