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@Blisterman wrote:

I think it’s a good idea. It’ll stimulate development around the outskirts of Dublin, and could reduce congestion in the city centre.

How exactly will it reduce congestion in the City Centre?

The majority of public transport trips in Dublin involve the City Centre]
Firstly that three of the corridors converge between Barrow Street and just North of Connolly Station and this line will run out of capacity with in 2-3 years this is an undisputable fact and has been flagged by Irish Rail since 1997 10 years later we have no more than a proposal than it may be done in a further 9 years[/LIST]

The fourth corridor ends 2 miles from the core business district at Hueston Station where commuters are forced to pay a second fare to reach the city centre this is done in cattle truck conditions at peak times and deprives the inner suburbs like Smithfield a quality service

This will as many other posters have said ferry people in unproven numbers from the centres of car-centric towns to other car-centric towns; if they want to reach the City Centre they must pay an additional fare; why would you bother when you can drive?

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