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As you know, ther is a fair chance that much in T21 will never come to pass given past form and economic cycles

So true if all plans were exectuted fully we wouldn’t need trains because we’d never have stopped dancing at the crossroads and if we abandoned that the DRTS plan of 1976 would have had Dart to Tallaght, Blanchardstown and the Airport by 1985 with an interchange at Stephens Green.

What really annoys me about this is that a second outer ring road has been built on largely the same route as route B from Tallaght to Lucan and no QBC was built to test demand for public transport on this route.

Worsrt case scenario is that this route gets built and delivers a passenger load equivelent to Luas beyond St James and if the global economy sneezes the interconnector is deferred along with the Luas line to Lucan which as yet has no firm timescale.

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