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@Cute Panda wrote:

We are a nation of slow learners who like old CIE Victorian railways lines to get a bit of an upgrade now and again or throw CIE a few extra buses with “An Lar” on the destination board so the BAC Supreme Soviets can be saluted as the new buses pass the reviewing stand on Upper O’Connell Street.

CP it would be appreciated if you kept perspective and moved away from dated 1980’s neo-liberal concepts of all provate ventures being good and all public services being a disaster.

Taking London as a model the tube works whilst in public ownership can compare favourably to any transit network in the World; its success is built is based on ease of connection with a number of lines disecting the most densley used areas of the centre city and in this light the central, Bakerloo and Victoria lines are the nub of thb success behind the tube and all of these lines run on frequencies between 2 and 4 minutes these lines move millions of people and lines such as the Jubilee line have successfully expanded into up and coming areas such as Canary Wharf and Stratford; whilst the orbital route from Clapham to Willesden to Hackney run every 15 minutes are more often than not 90% empty.

No-one is saying that this route is not a valid aspiration but in the light of other deificit areas constructing this route before the Interconnector and electrification of the Maynooth, Sallins and Balbriggan stretches is daft.

We do not require governemnts to decide where lines look good on maps we appoint them to make hard choices as to the division of scarce resourses and this line being built at this time is totally premature.

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