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Forgive me for being a noob on this issue, I was just wondering:

Are there no plans for a metro line to cover the major tourist hotspots of the city, and create new ones? It seems at present to be more or less designed for commuters and people getting to the airport.

Wouldn’t stations at Temple Bar, Grafton Street, College Green, Heuston Station and St James’s Gate be a great addition to getting around the city? And are there station planned for the docklands? And wouldn’t a station in the new Museum District in Smithfield by like an extra shot of adrenaline into the area, helping it become a real, organic cultural quarter for the city?

Sorry this is probably all out there I just can’t get my head around all the different plans etc.

EDIT: Also want to echo missarchi’s thought in another thread about the metro:

@missarchi wrote:

I would also like to see bullet trains run through the inter connector every hour cork > Belfast

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