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@SunnyDub wrote:

The original DTO propoal, gutted in Transport 21, was to run the metro line from just north of Bray, Sandyford, Dundrum, tunnel from ranelagh into city and northside to airport/ swords. I’m not sure they’re even giving themselves the option with continuing on and linking with luas the way the st stephen’s green terminus is designed.

Since the MN tunnel actually ends in the southeast corner of Stephen’s Green, there won’t ever be a need to dig it up again. I presume any extension would sink a whole at the Iveagh Gardens – though it’s been pointed out that this is where we should be digging MN from.
@alonso wrote:

SD i think they are – any future Metro South would emerge around Ranelagh as originally intended. What happens way out around Ballyogan where there’s a whole rake of crossings is anyone’s guess, if Metro is still to be segregated rail?

I always assumed the part beyond Sandyford was never a goer for upgrade to Metro. They’ve certainly designed it that way.

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