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That reporting of IGS response to the Merrion Square Initiative on the front page

IGS are correct to highlight this and it has been repeatedly been drawn to the attention of Dublin City Council by them and others. Its a ridiculous situation and one that you would struggle to find in a comparable continental city. The Mountjoy Square Society recently had some success in addressing the issue on the northside square and a policy to reflect the same was included in the recent ACA policy document (although only after being raised in a submission).

There are a few other issues as well. The public realm is generally okay but certainly the square would benefit from some attention to historic features on the square such as street lighting and the old ward signs etc. There are currently three Scotch standards on the north side in a state of undress as it were and most of the lighting could do with painting. How fantastic they would look painted black. The perimeter pavements are ugly and would benefit from being slab paved. The loss of historic granite and inappropriate additions of street signage etc have been previously noted on the forum. The perennial issue of how to make the park more viewable from the street also remains to be considered.

Dublin City Council Planning is currently undertaking on a study of changing land use and the potential to return residential use to the squares. It will be interesting to see its findings.

With the refurbishment of the National Gallery, the square should get a big boost in tourism numbers and it certainly makes sense to capture this with a programme of events for the square. Best of luck to them.

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