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At least we might get somebody that actually knows the city & has some semblance of an idea of what the city actually needs;

Compare & contrast with random utterings from many a transport minister, may i sight martin cullen as an example, spouting shite about an interconnector & connectivity when its clear he has no clue as to what it is, what it will do or how much it will cost.

I was bemused to hear Brian Cowen declare as part of his budget speech that ‘next year the m50 toll bridge will have four lanes in each direction’ … it already has four lanes both ways, that is not the issue, the god damn plaza is.

Rural ministers in particular, do not have a clue about Dublin & its problems.

If things are going arse ways in Dubin, at least we could pin the tail on a directly elected mayor, its fairly difficult to pin anything on 15 double speaking government donkeys.

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