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@lexington wrote:

Fourth, with the exception of Victoria Mills (fair enough, I accept V.M. is like one of those mean street-corner hustlers who reads to children at the orphanage on weekends – unsightly to look at but pretty on the inside), the standard of these so-called ‘high-rise’ has been relatively good and has not detracted from the sky-line in any negative way – nor residential amenity and privacy (which many residents now reluctantly acknowledge) – the city planners have, in fairness, been very careful and considerate about this issue.

Lexington, i do appreciate your annoyance with the sentiments of this group, who, like an taisce, seem to have it in their intent to stifle any decent development proposals, but the fact is that Bishopstown is, on the whole, a predominantly low-rise, low density residential suburb. Thus i feel that any development contravening this fact should be curbed, or at least be very carefully considered, and be restricted to the main arteries of Model Farm Road etc, and around Vitoria Cross. As regards the impact on the skyline, i have to disagree with you, in that i consider UCC’s Victoria Lodge development to have quite a negative impression, especially when travelling west along Western Road, by the clinic. The flat unimaginative roofs are quite obtrusive on the skyline, especially in the evening – this coupled with Victoria Mills really doesn’t lead me to agree with you about the city planners being ‘careful and considerate’ about this issue. To add to this, i find it unfortunate the impact CUH has, viewed from surrounding areas, due to it’s elevated situation, and while it does act somewhat as a ‘gateway’ from the western suburbs to the inner ones, the effect is, in my opinion, just too profound, and would question the condoning of furhter ‘high-rise’ in this area. But seeing as we dont live in a perfect world, it could be worse, and I’ll conclude that maybe we just need to be more selective and demanding as to the quality of these schemes, I’m all for building upwards if the situation is right, and if the intent is to mix aesthetics with economy of acreage, so maybe we”ll learn from Vitoria Mills, eh?!

In response to Bob Dole, well i have to agree about the Kingsley, the hotel you refer to across from the county hall, this building does sadden me everytime i look at it, it really could have and should have been so much more, considering it’s delicate situation along the Lee, and it’s being directly across from the council offices! Maybe the new extension will improve things a bit, but from any angle i have viewed the building I have not been pleased. As for Victoria Mills, I can’t say I see any merit in it’s design, akin to a duplo house, and the fact that an identical, but lower-rise, block is currently under construction next to it on the former petrol-station site adds insult to injury, but all this aside I think it does add to the area somewhat, could have been alot better though.
The new building by Sharman Crawford bridge that you mentioned; well it is an improvement on the streetscape, and is certainly of an ‘interesting’ design, but does seem to be muddled up somewhat, and im not sure about the section protruding towards UCC, at street level, I must inspect it in person more closely, however i am quite pleased with what i have seen so far, and I don’t think it’s quite so bad as you make out – what exactly displeases you so much about it, and what would you personally have deemed more adequate for the site in question?

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