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Frank Taylor

@bigjoe wrote:

agree with you 100% SC. I have to get to drumcondra from pearse street. the no right turn onto the quays makes no sense at all. i’ll take a spin down on a sunday morning to have a proper look.

It’s a direct journey…
pearse street, macken st, bridge, guild st, seville place, portland row, ncr, dorset street, drumcondra.

It has to be arranged to dissuade eastlink bridge traffic, otherwise it will just suck up all the toll dodgers and congest the city centre with traffic that previously skirted along east wall rd and sandymount strand.

It’s going to be hard to put double deck buses across it with all the low bridges from the DART line. There might be a market for a route that crosses the DART line at Merrion Gates.

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