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Adolf Luas

I drove across The Samuel Beckett Bridge at about 12:30 last night for the first time. There was a real “wow” factor, so much so that I had to park the car, and go back and walk it. On my way home, I had to cross The James Joyce Bridge which inevitably is in a really poor state, one entire lower side of lighting was totally redundant and various other strip lights weren’t working. In the cold light of day, there are plenty of other issues too. One wonders whether Dublin City Council would have been shamed into at least changing a few light bulbs had Calatrava been in town to attend the opening of his Samuel Beckett Bridge as he did back in June 2003 at the official opening of its little sister upstream.
Looking at Amanda Levete Architects lovely new bridge nearby I also wonder what the London practice would make of the state of the new structure’s immediate environment (granted that the landscaping hasn’t been started)……………..See pic:

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