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Who Moved the Samuel Beckett Bridge 70m west? When? And Why?


The Samuel Beckett bridge was originally referred to as the Macken St. bridge since it connected Cardiff Lane (a continuation of Macken St.) on the south quays to Guild St. on the north.
Posters on this forum have referred to the on-going work which started in Autumn 2007 to construct the pier on which the bridge will swing.

Nobody seems to have referred to the fact that the bridge has moved!

It originally crossed the river at an angle linking Guild St. to Cardiff Lane/Macken St ., (think junction at the Ferryman pub).
Now it takes a direct line across the river terminating at the warehouse beside O2’s building on Sir John Rogerson’s Quay, approximately 70m west of the Ferryman.

On the surface, this doesn’t make sense.

From an aesthetic perspective, one wonders what the impact on Calatrava’s original design will be, since the bridge will now be significantly shorter.

What will be the impact from a traffic perspective?

The Docklands website and all documents I can find still claims the bridge as linking Macken St. to Guild St.

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