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@poukai wrote:

Yep, so beautifully balanced that the tip was dipping into the river this morning 😀 Must post a few pics…

Someone must have slackened the cables!

From DCC’s website:

“Mounting bridge on support pier

Once the bridge is evenly balanced it will be mounted on its pier. Barges at either end of the bridge will support it during this operation. The barges will position the rotation point of the bridge over the central pier at high tide. When the tide comes down the gap between the central pier and the bridge’s rotation point will close. The bridge will be mounted and the barges removed. This is currently scheduled to take place over one day on 20/05/09.

Tensioning of cable stays

The cable stays will again be tensioned to evenly balance the bridge on the pier and ensure that only an axial force will be transferred. These works take place between 20/05/09 and 28/05/09. “

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