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@SunnyDub wrote:

I prefer Macken Street bridge name…but then I’m a south-sider

As I’ve already stated ,you even number hogging steamers it’s gonna be the HAUGHEY FAMILY MEMORIAL PSEUDO HARP THOROUGHFARE TO GAELDOM. It will speed all bona fide childer of erin tothe heart of Hibernia, decreasing the time proper god- fearing dwellers of D3,5 and 13 have to spend in Babylonian D2 and 4. Hopefully our progeny won’t pick up that stoopid 46A drawl if they can be spirited out of the region in a more efficient manner to feis ceoil in Gorey and the like.
De bleedin’ Dubs will need one less slash stop as the coaches from Parnell Park make it to witness the hockeyin’ of Loch Garman in next year’s Leinster championship1st round. Wurth 80 mill of tax payers’ moolah any day.

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