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From RTE

Quote ” NRA in talks to buy West Link bridge

March 24, 2005 09:03
The National Roads Authority is discussing with the Government the possibility of buying out the West Link bridge from NTR, the company that operates the tool booths on the bridge, the Oireachtas Transport committee was told yesterday.

Committee chairman John Ellis said they had been told previously that the price of a buy-out was totally exorbitant. But NRA chief executive Fred Barry said the authority was now involved in discussions with the Government on a buy-out, as it was a matter that needed a Ministerial decision.

Mr Barry also said that it would take until 2008 or 2009 before tolling at the West Link bridge could be done electronically, with devices fitted to every vehicle passing through.

On major roads outside the Dublin area, he said electronic tolls would be installed but there would also be the opportunity to pay by cash.

On the M3 motorway, he said the proposed toll would be west of Navan at a cost of €1.20, which would be less than charged on other routes. In general, he said the NRA favoured the use of variable tolls as a way of managing the traffic flow, but the authority would not favour no tolls, at any hour of the day. “

It looks like your campaign has worked

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