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If the RPA build another luas line on the south side, I’ll scream.
If one looks at the map, it’s largely identical to the existing green line except slightly further west.
It also seems the RPA are going to make the same mistake that they did with the green line.
It will terminate at Christchurch, not cross the liffey and not connect with the red line.
It’s suburban terminus is Dundrum, like that place needs more public transport.
While Cabra, Finglas, coolock and Glassnevin are starved of rail access.
The city center luas link won’t begin construction in this decade, will probably not go ahead at all and the liffey jnction to city center line looks even more doubtful eventhough it would be considerabley shorter, cheeper to build and produce more revenue than luas line E.

Ah now, we cant link it from Christchurch to future Luas link at Trinity College down Dame St; that would be too sensible.

Re Dundrum – it actually does need more rail provision! Why? because gobshites built Luas with tram capacity only on an already set-aside rail corridor. :rolleyes:

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