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@alonso wrote:

I wouldn’t welcome this development with open arms. Without wishing to be all Irish begrudgery about it, but allowing developers, (in this case Mansfield and Davy Hickey, in the case of B2, it’s Cosgrave) to dictate transport policy is dangerous and contrary to proper planning. In order that this is delivered SDCC have rezoned vast swathes of the county to the extent that Saggart and Tallaght will be a contiguous blob of low-medium density sprawl. in relation to B2 to Bray, it will not serve the town of Bray at all, (y’know that massive town of 30,000plus people), but parcels of hitherto undeveloped land belonging to Cosgrave and Ballymore, on the side of the Dublin and Wicklow Mountains. They will pay for much of this line as well.

There are major capacity issues on the citywest line. The DTO strategy suggested a Metro service to the campus but this appears to have been shelved. There are also concerns that the line to Tallaght town will effectively become a spur as City west and Saggart grow., compromsing it’s function as a Town Centre and public transport hub

There was a time once when govt used to use taxes to provide services. Now they allow private interests to dictate them. Therefore a cautious welcome

line B2 will go to Bray DART station. and I welcome the Saggart extension, it will serve northern areas of Tallaght. And I really doubt that the service to Tallaght will become marginalised as Tallaght has a whopping 103,000 population. The railway order for A1 becomes enforcable on Monday. I’m not sure if this means that construction will begin on monday. Presumably they’ll wait till works on the Docklands extention finish up on Amiens Street to avoid further disruption to commuters

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