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@GrahamH wrote:

Just out of interest jimg, given overhead wires generally don’t concern you (not being smart here), how do you rate them relative to your rather vociferous objection to the proposed advertising hoardings about the city?

Hi Graham, I was exaggerating a bit when I said the overhead wires are a non-issue for me. I can see the attraction in a third rail system for the centre but I know that cost/benefit analysis would not support it at the moment. Everyone will have personal views on the aesthetics of street clutter; for you the wires are a major problem. For me, the fact that the poles are properly vertical (unlike 80% of the traffic signs in the city), polished stainless steel (rather than mottled galvanized) and set in a regular pattern (rather than shoved into a gouged hole with a bucket of cement slopped in for support) means I find Luas clutter much less objectionable than the hundreds of superfluous street signs, badly planted trees, poorly placed telephone boxes, etc along the stretch in question. I find Luas fittings only slightly more intrusive than the new street lighting on O’Connell Street for example.

What worries me is that this new route F doesn’t address any of flaws of route A but it manages to add plenty of new disadvantages. The worst for me will be a new bridge between O’Connell Bridge and Butt Bridge; this will destroy the relatively regular pattern of bridges in the city and will create an ugly cluster of bridges around Butt bridge.

Seing as all the other options have been removed from consideration, would you not agree that A is far preferable to this new mongrel route?

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