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You assert some form of conspiracy or subconscious conspiracy on the part of the DTO to skew the route southwards; I do not wish to get into a handbags at dawn type argument as to clear trends in development patterns. The core office district in Dublin has been for many years located in the areas to the south and east of the intersection of Grafton St and Stephens Green in recent years it has moved west as well. The area north of this cannot be developed due to two key reasons

1. Plot sizes; that area is in the main a mix between Georgian and earlier site boundaries; site assembly is difficult to acheive viable plot sizes i.e. 3,000 sq m plus and rights of light etc make densification difficult within existing boundaries.

2. Heritage; the area is in the main made up of protected structures; for good reason the existing building lines by virtue of heritage protection and in most cases interiors are difficult to alter to open floor plates capable of accomodating office workers efficiently. Take a rectangular floor plate of 40m * 25m puntuated only by columns and you can accomodate roughly 100 staff. Take the upper floors of 4 Georgian buildings comprising a similar net internal area with numerous supporting walls and would be hard pressed to accomodate 60 staff.

Seeing as you asked about changes in the last 30 years taking a few wild guesses

1. Beaux Lane House – c6,000 sq m
2. Golden Lane – Various c10,000 sq m
3. Kevin St/ Bishop St c10,000 sq m
4. Harcourt Street Hospital c6,000 sq m
5. Stephens Green SC c45,000 sq m
6. Bank of Scotland c10,000 sq m
7. Former Dept of Justice c10,000
8. New Dept Finance c4,000 sq m
9. Former Eircom South King St c9,000 sq m
10. KBC Dawson St c3,000 sq m

Compare that to the area either side of College Green/Dame St which comprises the Central Bank, Financial Regulator and a few banks before you descend into workplaces that require c15 sq m plus per employee to accomodate staff comfortably.

The fundamental issue you haven’t addressed is the impact on office workers in Adelaide Road, Harcourt St, Leeson Street etc of having to walk from College Green. Whereas the impact on College Green of having to walk from Tara St or Christchurch is about 5 minutes. Would a 5 minute walk from both Dart lines be too much for you?

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