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Maybe we should all be realistic here. As already said, worthwhile ideas like the figure of eight, going through Trinity and running the two Luas lines end into end at Macken Street are not even being given consideration.
Absolutely childish suggestions like going down George’s Street and Parliament Street, main thoroughfares for half the bus routes and taxis in the city, are being included just to make up the numbers.
There’s even talk of bridges between Capel Street and Butt Bridge, and it wouldn’t surprise me at all if that actually appears in the RPA submissions and isn’t a Business Post cock-up.
The mind has already been made up on this one. If it goes ahead – it’s going down this Central Corridor.
And I hate to repeat myself but where exactly is the terminus going to be:- on O’Connell Bridge.
I think it’s a disgrace that the RPA are pretending that they are going to link the lines when from what I can see this is not physically impossible.
The only way to join them is at a major interchange area (at the O’Connell Monument) or run them right into each other a la the Macken Street solution.
With that in mind (and based on the presumption that this project will go ahead regardless), why do you need to leave the lines ten yards apart.
Why not run the Sandyford line as far as College Green and leave it at that? That two-hundred yard walk would be shorter than the journey anyone undertakes while transferring from Metro to Metro in Paris or Tube to Tube in London.
It would probably save a bomb and also stop them destroying O’Connell Bridge and Westmoreland Street.
As has been said time and time again, the cost-benefit ratio on this link-up is an absolute disaster.

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