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Joining of Luas lines
05 Nov 2004

“Join the lines as soon as possible’ say Dublin City Businesses

The Dublin City Business Association (DCBA) has welcomed the announcement from Minister for Transport, Mr. Martin Cullen T.D. on his intention to join up the Luas lines and has called for its progression as soon as possible.

The significant impact of the Luas on business in the city centre is demonstrated by the increase in customer volumes since the operation of the Southside and Northside Luas.

The popularity of Luas is attracting new customers to the city centre and this is a very encouraging illustration of the success of government policy on transport. “We are delighted that the Minister is pursuing this and would encourage him to progress it as a matter of urgency. It is obvious that the public wants it joined up.” Said Tom Coffey, CEO of the DCBA.

Dublin City Centre accommodates 250 million visitors each year and although access has improved significantly through Quality Bus Corridors, extra bus capacity, cycle lanes etc. the DCBA believes that the public transport service needs to be effectively integrated and expanded. “We are disappointed by the performance of the Dublin Transport Office in delivering an adequate public transport system for the needs of the city as it is now.

Its performance needs to be reviewed and, where relevant, the organisation needs to be reformed and made more accountable. Dublin is a great city and needs an effective public transport service to reach its full potential. Plans without effective and on time implementation are not much use to the public.”

The DCBA is the representative organisation for city centre retailers and property owners. Collectively its members employ 25,000 and contribute in excess of €400 million annually to the Exchequer. “

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