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I agree with Stphen C on this one that there is a viable route that will deliver some serious benefit as it will open up some areas for higher density development if it were to go down Pearse St. Trinity Court has destroyed this once fine street ensuring that all the local facilities have closed due to the bad element associated with it.

Trinity College can print as many glossy brochures displaying the inner yard as it likes but it has destroyed Pearse St by turning it’s back on it, there is as John Devlin says a full dead kilometre between Westland Row and College Street, you can’t even buy a piece of fruit.

I also agree with Peter that it is not going to kill anyone to move from Stephens Green to O’Connell St, it would be fine to have built Luas on this route in the original phase but to do so now would be an error.

I feel that many arguing for this route are doing so purely on aestetic grounds as they wish to see Luas turning the arc around the front of Trinity, it is the only time that I have ever seriously questioned Frank McDonalds reasoning.

Commitment to the a full implementation of the Iarnrod Eireann Dublin/East Coast Rail plan is the only solution to the Dublin Transport question,

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