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Likewise further west along the Red Line is improving hugely, or is about to, though admittedly how much of this is directly attributable to Luas is questionable alright.

It is difficult to compare the impact of a bridge and that of cables as you’re not comparing like with like, but on a personal level yes I’d view the impact of a new bridge as relatively less damaging than cables and poles on the proposed A route. If the Loop Line bridge wasn’t there, it’d be a very tough call as obviously the poles and cables of the new bridge would fall right in view of the Custom House. But that view is destroyed now, and clearly we’re never going to get it back, even with a redesigned model which seems in itself a non-runner.
That view is lost forever. And as much as I love this section of the Liffey, almost like a pool of water captured between O’Connell and Butt bridges, it’s not as if its virgin territory in terms of inappropriate development, or is one of the city’s scenic jewels. College Green most certainly is, as is the College Street area.

Again I’d say if a telecoms company proposed suspending such cables on poles through the city centre, there would be absolute uproar from all sectors, fuming over the impact on what is one of the finest buildings in Europe of the 18th century. Trinity’s ‘streetscape’-like facade could probably take it a little better, but certainly not the Bank of Ireland, the set-piece that it is.

Also, none of this is being thought of in terms of a refurbished College Green – think, the trees will not be there anymore, much of the signage clutter and appalling lampposts will go also. Instead of being left with Grattan and his lamps in the centre, beautifully framing the newly exposed BoI and Trinity, we’ll also have cables and poles all about the space, and more exposed than they would be as the Green currently stands.

Perhaps I’m thinking of this in an overly photographic/picturesque fashion, but on the other hand none of this has been given the slightest consideration by the looks of things. At the open day it was patently obvious the architectural impact of Route A simply wasn’t on the radar, and the fact it probably has Frank McDonald’s support puts the icing on the cake. One suspects he is the barometer by which a lot of political heads base their actions nowadays (otherwise for the better).
The ‘Harcourt Street Case’ is not remotely comparable to College Green, it cannot be used as a cogent argument for the acceptability of such features.

And how will these strutures be passed in terms of legislation – surely telecoms cables would not be permitted as negatively impacting elements on the setting of major protected structures, but Luas would?
The arguement could me made that other European cities put up with cables and poles passing significant buildings, well I think these look awful too – some of the street scenes in Devin’s Amsterdam images alone look so very ugly as a result of tram cables. It’s not something we should have to ‘put up with’.

In 2005, it’s a disappointingly retrogade step to be erecting cables cables through the historic city centre.
The fact that nobody in planning seems to care, or at least publically discuss the matter to put minds at rest is even more so.

And just to clarify jimg, your post gives the impression I said that about public transport going where authorities want it to go – it’s someone else’s…

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