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Oddly enough we N E A R L Y managed to achieve one of these rare “Integrated Moments” quite recently…

Dublin Bus managed to secure a Route Licence for the new frequent Route 47 linking Belarmine on the fringes of Sandyford/Stepaside with……wait for it…..steady….Donnybrook Church !!

Now it seems that consideration for permitting the 47 to operate a Teeney bit further down the road as far as Wilton Terrace/Leeson St Bridge was not forthcoming as it may have impinged upon a private licenced pre-existing peak time service.

Had the frock coated,top hatted Senior Departmental Licencing Official taken a ramble down as far as Leeson St he would Immediately have spotted the opportunities for Integration with the Dublin Bus 140 route heading for Finglas ! 😮 and worse still the Bus Eireann 100X service to…hold on to your hats…NEWRY !!! …..Crikey,theres an integrated opportunity missed eh ???

When I hear the likes of Mr Cuffe rambling on about Management innefficiencies and the need for reform of the “System” etc I really do despair…The “System” is fine…those Parliamentary Draughtsmen of 1932 did a very good job on their Road Transport Act which is a model of clarity in many respects….what is seriously deficient is the ability of the current Department of Transport`s Officials to interpret it in a manner beneficial to the Public Transport USER rather than worrying intently as to the competitive effects upon a small coterie of private companies ..????

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