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Just wondering if anyone knows if the extension to Saggart (C1) will be a spur off the red line or a branch line.Also if the F line will actually be sharing track with the red line.
A branch line would be preferable, not causing any frequency damage whatsover on the red line and as cgcsb said above the Fline sharing track with the red line wuold cause terrible frequensy problems at peak times…..In an ideal Dublin there would be a central station where all the luas lines, metro lines and possibly bus lines would terminate.

to answer your question, yes the lucan line will share track with the red line. And line A1(Saggart) will be a spur line. The good thing about sharing track(despite the frequency problems) is that services would be more flexible, i.e there could be services between Connolly and Lucan, Tallaght and Trinity, Lucan and Trinity, Tallaght and Connolly. Also it will be possible in the future to quadruple track in that area allowing for seperation of services if the frequency problem persists.

Personaly I believe that what needs to be done is further seperation of the red line from road trafffic. Peraps with barriers and more of a level crossing system so that it doesn’t stop for traffic between Heuston and the Jervis

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