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I assume they are still sore at Inchicore for being so obstructive last time.

The line we’re hearing from part of Inchicore this time is ‘we already have a Luas service’ (the Red Line skirts the area by going down the canal), so feck off if you live in the other part of Inchicore, or Kilmainham.

In any normal city, the new tram service would just go down the main arterial route, where commercial activity is concentrated, the residential hinterland can best be served and where urban regeneration and precinct improvement can get the boost it desperately needs, there wouldn’t be any debate about it.

You wouldn’t have a route selection process dominated by narrow interest groups or powerful property holders. You wouldn’t have the likes of Dublin Providers veto the route because waiting for the tram to go past would make it more difficult for them to get their supply trucks to move between their three builder’s supply yards that are spread out all over the centre of Old Kilmainham.

For the record, there was a prebiscite taken towards the end of the Red Line route selection debacle, and it’s results were never published. There are however unconfirmed reports that the vote went 2:1 in favour of the Inchicore/Kilmainham route, but political deals had been done by this time and this was swept under the carpet.

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