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I think this developement has huge potential if done right – it could bring a cohesion to the entire area and bring back some sense of “village” to the place – linking Douglas with Douglas Court and back to East Village. I await the Evening Echo article decrying “skyscrapers in Douglas”!!!

I would agree – like I said I have yet to see the final design – but I suspect, and hope, a nice transition will be provided linking the two big commercial areas of Douglas (the ‘village’ and the East Douglas area) together with a consistent flow. Personally, I don’t think height should be of concern when done well. But as mentioned in the quote above – undoubtedly the Evening Echo – ‘the voice of the honest, everyday man on Corkonian streets’ – will be right in there, arm around the people, joining right in with their tears and wailing – supporting their fears and nodding in condolence as another nail is driven through the coffin of their wee village – not another ‘high-rise’ they’ll sigh. Have they driven, or tried to drive, through Douglas anytime in the last 10 years? Where’s the village??? The Evening Echo is following the anti high-rise campaign out in Bishopstown religiously – cries from councillors and residents alike are mirrored in their pages against the frightful saturation of high-rise in Bishopstown – especiially against Mark Kelleher’s 5-storey residential development. [Sorry, that was a bit dramatic – been reading too much Shakespeare lately. 🙂 )

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