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@jungle wrote:

I live in Douglas and don’t have any objections in principle to the development. If anywhere in Douglas is suitable for development of taller buildings, it’s this site. It doesn’t overlook any houses and is central to the commercial district of Douglas.

The traffic congestion problem in Douglas is almost entirely down to lack of coordination between the city and county councils. All that is needed is all the roundabouts replaced with linked traffic lights and a clampdown on illegal parking and the traffic flows can be handled.

The roundabout seems to be gone in the Douglas Shopping Centre image. Hopefully, this is a good sign.

hey JUNGLE, I live in douglas too and have no objection myself, place could do with a jolt, only hope that the roads are dragged along with it. Clayton love indeed seems to be the guy for this and sure why not have a skywalk altogether and link from his existing shopping centre over to the other side? Cinema was being threatened anyway with mahon point so they might head off. i suspect that it would be brought up to the flyover level but thats hardly 8 storeys is it?

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