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great news about eglintion street!!! 🙂 finally cork is starting to look like a city and a lot less like a collection of tool sheds with some churches thrown in for good measure! only messing, sure amnt i proud of the old girl myself but its good to see eglinton street get planning. will be interested to see the conditions. not a half bad design either – i hear even an taisce were applauding the tower. well done oflynns and wilson. will be interesting to see who next has the balls to propose a decent tower along the docklands. theyll have to top this development substantially. manor park perhaps???

i hear a 7storey plan is being assessed for the doyle warehouse there on albert quay, anyone know anymore??? lets hope the developers there (talking with twill ltd as well arent they?) do something nice with the quayside while theyre at it too.

(well done lex on eg st! keep it comin!)

as someone said on this thing before oflynns will now have the ‘biggest erection’ in cork city! but i say isnt st fin barres 3metres taller? roll on the inferiority complex – the competition ensues!

as for the imperial hotel ol’ blimpy-boy i believe the timber thingy is to be removed following a treatment by cumnor when their frank ennis works on morgan street are complete. oooo new niteclub for cork! somewhere else to go on those lonely saturday nights when my imaginary wife is away! 😀

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