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@lexington wrote:

-> Phatman, about Victoria Lodge, I agree – it ain’t the Lourve but it is relatively well shaded by trees and surrounding developments. But 5-storeys, high-rise???

I am definitely of the opinion that 5 storeys is anything but high-rise, maybe you picked me up wrong Lexington, i thought i placed inverted commas around the phrase anytime i did use it. I was using Victoria Lodge just as an example, to highlight the impact higher buildings could have in the wrong location, but i must re-iterate i am not opposed to hgih-rise in itself, but just in the wrong location, just as i would be opposed to any architectural design that does not complement it’s surroundings. It is a delicate issue in Cork due to the nature of the topography, but in the right locations and allowing for a variety of critical aspects such buildings could look very well.

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