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this whole antihigh rise thing in bishopstown is pathetic – there are no high rise buildings in bishopstown! not one, jerry buttimer is beginning to make a fool of himself on this issue – and looked particularly silly on the failed section 4 attempt recently. bishopstown is admittedly predominantly low rise but we shouldnt be encouraging unsustainable and uninspiring designs just because that is what is there already. bishopstown, like any other established suburb in the city should not have high rise buildings inserted – but 4 and 5 and 6 storeys are appropriate if designed tastefully and sensitively – this is a city after all – the anti high rise people need to be told that they have nothing to be afraid of as there are no plans for high rise in bishopstown and that 4 storeys is not high rise – or even medium rise

i actually like victoria mills, it does not have a negative visual impact from any approach, doesn’t overlook, it is simple and unpretentious, AND BRAVE, looks very well at night. i have heard people whinge about this building as soon as they heard 9 storeys mentioned, before the structure was even being put in place. i honestly think that if that site instead had been developed as a cheap three storey red brick mock georgian confused looking building with 2 foot balconies that discolour before the contractor has left the site, people would not have uttered a thing –

we have worse buildings than this in the city that we should be talking about

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