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I’ve a question for other viewers of the thread from Cork: personally I find Victoria Mills above average, and I approve of the density for the site. I am much more offended by buildings such as that ugly hotel across the from the County Hall, and “pseudo architecture” like that Philisview Properties Building on Washington St. – it’s a project that would barely scrape a 4 in 2nd year, and looks like someone asked for an “architectural” design from someone clearly incapable of it. What I find sad about a building like this is that the client obviously would have paid for actual architecture, and instead was landed with this flabby “ah sure, a bit a’timber, some sticky out bits and some curved roofs’ll make it architecture alright” rubbish.

I’m just wondering what other people’s thoughts are – especially those who are architects and those who are not. Does being an architect colour one’s view of such things?

(I’m an architect)

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