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I don’t have a scanner Leesider, in response to that request for the image of Lapp’s Quay, maybe somebody else does. If you really want to see it, you could always grab a backcopy of the Examiner in the city Library!Not quite worth that I’d say, as impressive as it is.
Anyone know about the Bandon Road roundabout, as regards construction of a flover? I know originally it was intended to build the Kinsale interchange first, and then to commence on Sarsfield and Bandon, due in part to minimising disruption during construction, but mainly due to funding, but i have noticed that the completion date of the second phase of the Ballincollig bypass has been pushed back by several months to next spring, to accomodate revised plans for the roundabout. Does this mean they’re actually going to do the smart thing and build the flyover in conjunction with the bypass?Unfortunately i fear not, that they’re merely adjusting the current situation to ease construction when they eventually do decide to do the full job, but i may be wrong, would appreciate any info.

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