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Thanks for that, Lexington, you’re right, it does seem strange to leave so much space vacant for so long, just proves your earlier point about the alleged floorspace ‘crisis’ in the city-centre, again down to inefficiency and poor planning. Will be interesting to see how all this turns out. I must say the aerial shot of lapp’s quay in the examiner today was pretty breath-taking, It really is shaping up to be something special, the recently commisioned sculpture should look great. Im curious as to how o’flynn (or is it Bowen doing the actual construction?) are constructing no.6, they seem to be leaving the corner section out for the time being, and focusing on the end nearer the bus station. Should look great when finished though. Im gonna pick your brains again lexington, this time as regards that triangular lot just by the bus station, which sold for a hefty sum recently, I saw the report on last weeks commercial property section of the examiner, in which it suggested that a c.9 storey building was being considered.Do you have any further info?This is actually a tiny site, but could really accomodate a quality landmark building, adding to the now flourishing lower city centre area, im hopeful that something will come of this…

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