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The Irish Examiner have indicated that they intend only to make their move to City Quarter in mid-to-late 2006. The City Quarter Development would be complete a year before Examiner operations transfer. O’Callaghan Properties have said they don’t plan to begin construction on Academy Street until late-2006. It’ll probably take until then for the planning application to get through the process – which will undoubtedly be one that involves ABP somewhere along the way. It doesn’t make clear sense to me to leave 32,000sq ft of office space vacant for a year – but that’s what The Irish Examiner seem to have opted for. However, plans may yet change. OCP won’t be lodging any application for Academy Street until at least mid-2005 (and that’s just guess work on my behalf). I know the primary plans are drawn up – but I don’t have any fixed application dates. When I do, I’ll let you know.

Howard Holdings on the other hand, are due to lodge their application for 16 Lavitts Quay this coming December for a 120-bedroom budget hotel, with 2 floors of retail space and 50 undergound parking spaces. It is rumoured – and I’m not 100% on this yet, that R. Arthur’s corner former ‘Balloon Surprise’ shop may have been purchased by Howard Holdings to incorporate into their development. The store was not part of the Irish Examiner office building development. Hopefully, it’ll give the quay a more organised appearance. The actions by Howard Holdings also mark the beginning of a more aggressive expansion into Cork development – as posted earlier.

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