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Has anyone a proper update on the airport??? Why havent we low cost fligts across Europe like Shannon! And the excuse about the airport charges being too high is so old at this stage. Ryanair starts a new route to Liverpool in 2 weeks, wooop dee f**king dooo! The least the penny-pinching airline could do is start routes to places like Malaga or Stockholm, somewhere that would be different to London. Even Kerry has Frankfurt. Likewise to easyJet and bmiBaby. We dont need more flights to London or Nottingham, a bit of variety would do Cork good. Espically the business it would do for the area, having direct flights to financial hubs around Europe. Come on, Cork has an airprt too!

A-ha, Cork Airport launches direct flights to Brest, Brusssels, Budapest, Faro, Munich, Nice, Rome this summer. There will also be direct services to Liverpool and Durham/Middlesbrough, but I guess those ones don’t interest you 😉

IMO the policy of Cork airport is more beneficial to the long-term development of the airport than Shannon’s. At Cork the largest airline will be Aer Lingus who will control slightly in excess of 30% of the seats. At Shannon Ryanair will control around 50% of the seats. When Michael O’Leary says jump Shannon will have to jump.

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