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I agree – HowardHoldings really did go all out on City Quarter. Would you believe that in original talks CCC wanted to maintain a motor-accessible quay front??? So in fairness the Howard, they really did pick the penny on this one. As Greg Coughlan said, there is the general perception that all developers are simply ‘here to destroy what is there and leave with a profit at a community’s expense’. Yes it is important to profit, if there is no profit, there is no project in the first place – but City Quarter is a good and leading example of how a development can benefit not only a community, but a city. It’s an example adopted now by Werdna at Water Street and even OCP with the Jurys redevelopment – as they are providing a public amenity space and riverside walk/boardwalk along their Lancaster Quay/Washington Street West waterfront. I like the pedestrian friendly element to the City Quarter quayside – and agree similar initiatives should be encouraged.

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