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Finally got round to taking a close look at HH’s ‘City Quarter’ over the weekend and must say that I was very impressed. Especially liked the atrium in the Clarion Hotel and the public space / boardwalk outside. It kind of reminded me of the many occasions where I’ve been abroad, seen something nice and questioned why we don’t have something like this at home. This in itself is something of a reflection of other city developments in that most would leave me cold at worst and unengaged in remaining instances. But, credit where it’s due to HH. It’s a shame that so many of our primary transport routes through the city are quay-based since an expansion of this boardwalk concept would be most welcome and would totally change the dynamic within the city. I’m aware that there are strong plans to increase boardwalk areas along the quays but, I assume, in many case the waterfront will be shared with the inevitable motorised traffic.

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