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charlies angel

@lexington wrote:

That’s right, their 121-unit development at Church Hill didn’t work out to nice for them. CorkCoCo shot the project down on a number of issues incl. traffic etc. Though they did receive a grant on their Ladyswell project (only just!), they received a a twist of lemon with the permission in that they’ve had to reduce the height, a subsquent units as a result of conditions. I’ve seen the plans numerously and in detail, and to be honest, I think the logic regarding the reduction is height (again!) is pretty farsical.

To be honest with you – I don’t really know. As far as I know its a discretionary preference – but I am familiar with the Kerry CoCo system in that regard (in other regards I’d rather not discuss it! :rolleyes: ) and it is useful and informative. I would like to think a similar system would be made available in Cork as it may, to some, extent, reduce the numbers of publuc misinformation regarding certain developments. So, who knows?! Perhaps Cork City Council will have better answers for you. I’m sorry I can’t be of much help on that particular topic.

The apartment scheme in Glanmire was contemporary, looked good on paper,
sure the detail would be lost in construction and
would end up lookIng like concrete bunker knowing frinailla’s history
The scheme was too dense on such a prominent and steep site.

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