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Hi all
have been watching this site from afar for a while and am stunned at the amount of info available on Cork, please keep it up and especially Lex the Champion! Saw in a previous thread that someone called Douglas an architectural wasteland and they’d be dead right. For such a big suburb and all the changes to the ‘village’ we now have unbelievable poor traffic (they had all summer and starting rebuilding the ‘green route; the week after the schools came back – CLEVER!!)and rows and rows of houses. Enough of those lamentations, Cork will be amazing in short time, grand parade and kenny group devt, Examiner offices new retail, over by the Capitol retail as well. Could seriously do with a few proper night clubs and big entertainment venues. All we need to do now is do up the South Mall. (slightly dubious also about Pana getting ‘best shopping street’!!!!) – anyone got an opinion on Centre park road and all that area? are there plans afoot or is it anticipated that the riverside will be done first and then a natural move in ?

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