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@Leesider wrote:

just saw this in breakingnews

Patrick St the best shopping street in the country?? thought that would have gone to Grafton St, good to see though! anyone have any info on this new landmark or even better still any images??

Leesider, if you remember in a post I made a good couple of weeks ago – I mentioned that a number of developers were looking at erecting a statue or monument in the middle of Cork city – well, this is the fruition of those intentions. The developers being Howard Holdings, the middle of Cork city being Lapps Quay and the height (though the original talk was for a 40m statue [as reported initially], this was later proved excessive and unsuitable – the statue is now to be a little over 50ft.)

Greg Coughlan, originally of Ballydehob and CEO of Howard Holdings, is the man pushing this statue. A local Cork artist was commissioned to design the 500,000 euro project – which will be located at the City Quarter development on Lapps Quay. Howard Holdings also confirmed their intention to open 2 more hotels in Cork (in addition to the Clarion at City Quarter) – 1 in Kinsale and 1 in West Cork. On that note, Greg Coughlan is moving back to Cork city after spending a number of years developing Howard Holdings interests in London. Howard Holdings are making this move as a gesture of their confidence in Cork city as a development location – and besides City Quarter and Albert Quay developments – I can tell you, Howard Holdings have a number of large-scale and very intriguing projects in planning for Cork for over the next 10 years. Predominantly focused on the Docklands Area. One gentleman with the company has told me, Howard intend to continue working in the UK and Dublin markets, but have decided the main strategic interests are more suited to being focussed on Cape Town & SA (through Eurocape Investments) and Cork city (as Howard Holdings). It’s a nice boost of confidence for Cork.

Over 70% of the City Quarter office development has been sold and/or pre-let. Howard’s other nearby office development at Anglesea Street (Copley Hall), has seen its remaining office unit come under ‘Deal Agreed’ status – marking a continued up-surge in the Cork office market.

I’ll look into getting images of that statue soon.

John Mannix’s Washington Street project is due it’s decision date this Thursday.

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